Photography is one of my passion, so I decided to start a personale project called "Life Observer", where I collected some instants of life, "stolen" thanks to my iphone 5s.

Reflections - Alzaia Naviglio Grande Milano
Many people have taken this picture, but none is equal to another because everybody sees things differently

Choices - ghiacciaio del Rutor in Valle d'Aosta
I am always fascinated by life choices so far from mine, at a time when everybody shares any thoughts on social, where consumerism reigns, he choses a different life, a life outside the box.

Old Habits - Santa Margherita Ligure 
This brings me back to my childhood. Fairs and Festivals where a moment of joy

Soul Surfer - Biarritz, France
I tried once and I felt in love with the sensation of freedom and peace that surf can give you!

Last Romantics - San Mamete, Valsolda
unfortunately, is no longer used to write letters or send postcards, but I remember that receive them could always make me smile and did it with a "flavor" that no longer exists

I Paninari - Milano
Good night to night, to his stories and traditions

Friendship & Rituals - Mind The Gap, Milano
Urban Message - Milano
Pub Stories - La belle Aurore, Milano
Happy Birthday young man - Filippo la Mantia, Milano
Definitely one of my favorite photo, I was having my usual coffee as many mornings, when I found myself in front of a scene like this .... well let's say life knows how surprise with unexpected sweetness pearls sometimes

THANKS FOR YOUR TIME - ​​​​​​​for more photos follow me on instagram
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