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Indivisual is a young (the oldest of us is 33) middle sized creative agency based in Milan, aimed by passion and curiosity.
We come from a diverse range of backgrounds; some creative, some strategic and others technical but we are united in one obsession: work hard, having fun and get our clients satisfied.

For over 10 years, we’ve been creating innovative work in many different media, including corporate identity, digital design, editorial design, race design, video production, 3d modeling,
and social media. This breadth of experience means we can manage a project from A to Z, our know-how and passion for our work, multiply our energies and enable us to be flexible and dynamic.

We are driven by passion. Fun and Work have the same meaning for us. We are not afraid to work our asses off to reach our goal and to take time for some celebrations, because we think that team building is an important part of our job. For this reason we can guarantee the maximum quality
and professionalism.
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